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Coming together to fight Post Intensive Care Syndrome.

In early 2018, Marc Buise, ICU doctor at the Catharina Hospital, shared his idea with Games for Health

about developing a digital journal for ICU patients. This was to make life after ICU more bearable.

The Catharina Hospital at that time was using physical journals a lot, but the cut and paste work was really outdated. Something needed to change! The transition to a digital journal was kicked off.

In early 2020 the coronavirus overtook the whole world. For patients the virus resulted in lengthier stays in ICU.  Patients were kept asleep for prolonged periods, and family members were unable to visit.

The demand for a digital Post-ICU journal was greater than ever. The team switched into top gear in order to get the journal with the hospitals as quickly as possible and one month later the Post-ICU journal of tomorrow was distributed amongst the different ICUs.

"We were so happy to see the results and everyone's reactions. Helping people: that is why we do it". 

Jurriaan van Rijswijk, Founder Games for Health. 

Games For Health and WMMC have signed a partnership agreement to roll the POST-ICU digital diary out

in the GCC, Asia and Turkey.

For more information please contact us here

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YOU.FO is coming to Qatar!


In 2011 Bas Ruyssenaars created the initial idea for YOU.FO along with sport innovation professionals
and sports teachers (Giel Bos & Tim Konings). After a few years of concept development and fine-tuning... 
YOU.FO was born!

YOU.FO won several national and international awards and was an official demo sport at the CSIT World Sport Games ’15 in Italy.

In the summer of 2016 YOU.FO held its first official national Dutch Cup (competing six teams) and in the summer of 2017 the first YOU.FO World Cup was held in Riga, Latvia.
Currently the sports and leisure game is played in 16 countries in 4 different continents and over 5000 people around the world practice YOU.FO including some 200 schools. 

World’s fastest growing sports and leisure game ,YOU.FO is a safe distance versatile sports and leisure game,

based on throwing an aerodynamic ring with specially designed sticks.

"We believe that YOU.FO can bring joy to people’s lives and inspire others to be creative and live life outside

the box. YOU.FO is easy to play, and fun to master. 

Players experience the feeling of competence while improving, this makes them feel more self-esteemed.
And now YOU.FO is coming to Qatar!

YOU.FO International and WMMC have signed a partnership agreement to roll YOU.FO out Qatar and beyond. 

For more information please contact us here​. 

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