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WMMC Consultancy LLC signs partnership
with Games for Health

WMMC Consultancy (WMMC) and Games for Health (GFH), both Dutch companies, have signed a partnership agreement to expand the Health Games business in the GCC region, Asia and Turkey.
Games for Health is leading in the field of applied health games in Europe, bringing together the best minds in game development and healthcare to advance game technologies improving health and the delivery of healthcare.
The most recent and successfully launched Health Improvement Tool is the digital Post-ICU journal in the Intensive Care Units where loved ones and nurses can keep a digital journal for patients to keep for recovery
after the Intensive Care period.
The Post-ICU journal isn’t a game though? No, anything but. 

"But we do believe in the power of play and long-term engagement. Using innovation and technology to drive us forward, we aim straight at our goal: 1 billion healthy, happy people”; Jurriaan van Rijswijk, Founder of Games for Health.

Why the digital Post-ICU journal?

Post Intensive Care Syndrome (or PICS) is the name given to symptoms that appear as a result of an ICU recording. PICS includes psychological, cognitive and physical problems that can cause an aftermath of
long-lasting effects and result in complaints that have a major impact on life. 
The Post-ICU journal supports these patients recovering.

The Covid-19 outbreak caused an increased ICU occupancy, tens-of-thousands of people were admitted to
the Intensive Care Units globally and with lengthier recovery stay than regular ICU admissions; sadly
though, family visit are not allowed. The pandemic increased the need for the digital Post-ICU journal;
at this very moment hospitals offer the ICU journal as a standard ‘service’ to their patients in the
Netherlands, and from elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

The demand for Post-ICU has significantly increased, hence why the GFH-tech team switched into top
gear in order to get the journal with the patients as quickly as possible.
“The Post-ICU journal is one of the winning products in the Techleap COVID-19 program, reaching as many patients and their family members as possible, all around the world”; Marc Buise, Critical Care Specialist at the
Catharina Hospital Eindhoven.

“We were so proud and happy to see the results and everyone's reactions. Helping people; that is why we do it”;
Jurriaan van Rijswijk, Founder of Games for Health

WMMC Consultancy LLC, based in Qatar and Games for Health are committed to support a better and
healthier life with developing and providing different health games / tools leading to happy and healthier
people across the globe.
"To support the Qatar NV2030 and in light of Qatar's Strategy for Digitalization, we are here to deliver the
digital Post-ICU journal to support Qatar's Healthcare System, because all people in  Qatar deserve the best";
Robert W. Cats, CEO WMMC Consultancy LLC
For more information please contact us here or check POST-ICU

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