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Introducing the first mass-scalable
smart thermal sensor.

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Only Calumino’s ultimate IOT technology protects privacy, provides embedded AI data analysis, and simplifies integration for endless new use cases.

About Calumino

The energy of heat and light are essential for human existence.

The name CALUMINO draws from this inspiration as a portmanteau of CALorie (the energy associated with heat rise) and LUMINOsity (the radiated electromagnetic power of light). 

Calumino is on a mission to merge powerful and economical thermal sensor technology with A.I. intelligence, helping to propel industries forward by delivering new levels of insight and control for businesses. Calumino has pioneered world’s first high-performing and cost-effective thermal sensor, a revolutionary platform technology which unlocks the potential of intelligent sensing for a broad range of new use cases across industries.

Calumino has built a world-class team of experts in the development and commercialization of thermal imaging and A.I. Led by CEO and Founder Marek Steffanson, the Calumino team brings decades of global experience across diverse markets including micro– and nano-fabrication, optical module assembly, A.I., IOT, solution development, and commercialization.

Calumino Products

The best thermal sensor. The ultimate IOT sensing platform.

Calumino Thermal Sensor (CTS)

Privacy. Performance. Scalability.


Combining the intelligence of a camera and the privacy protection of a motion sensor, the CTS does what no other technology can. Its unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio, image stability, and price point open new possibilities for customers across every industry.

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Calumino Thermal Sensor Hub

Calumino's Sensor Hub is the affordable, privacy non-intrusive, off-the-shelf sensing solution for holistic commercial building management. It tracks human activity, life safety, and security insights in one simple view.

Market Segments
Native low resolution. Embedded AI analytics. Simple integration. 
Calumino represents a massive opportunity to transform a wide breadth of verticals.

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