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About Us

Committed to Excellence!

WMMC Consultancy was founded in 2002 in The Netherlands by Robert Cats.

Reason for Robert, known as Integrated Facility Management Expert, Consultant
and Personal Trainer/Coach, 
to establish his own consultancy firm was that he
elieved clients could be better served with his direct 
and transparent approach,
no difficult and complex conversations but straight forward solutions.

                                   'At the end we have no time to lose'

After serval years WMMC had made a significant growth and decided to
partner with other 
Subject Matter Expert (SME) Consultants,
(Personal) Trainers and Coaches. 
This decision resulted in happier clients who

noticed a positive development in their staffs' performance resulting in business growth and increase in profit.

After working several year in Qatar, in 2020 and despite the worldwide challenging business environment,
Robert decided to open also an office in Qatar. 

Today WMMC offers comprehensive Consultancy, Coaching and Training Solutions in different industries
and sectors and to different levels in organizations, from Mid- to Senior Management. 
With sound experience in Multi-Cultural environments and International markets across Europe and the

Middle East, our Business Ambassadors, Consultants and Partners can help you and your organization to solve
the most complex issues in your organization.

Is there a need for a Transformation or are you in general interested to hear more from us and how we can

add value to your organization, or have you already decided you want to work with us?
Contact us today and let us together explore your organization's opportunities. 

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.” ―Aristotle

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