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In Facility Management,  whether it is Single, Total or Integrated Facility Management,
the rapid pace of the technological growth have the potential to make everything easier.
Digital Transformation has became essential for every market, even if it is traditional business
which is based on people relationships like facility management.
FM needs to re-model to the technological changes to provide the way modern
customers except and provide them more customer satisfaction. 
Digital transformation in the facilities management sector can be achieved by
making people, process, and technology work together.

During the current crisis, the challenges and obstacles thatbuilding owners and
operators are facing are unprecedented. 
Facility teams managing all types of buildings,
in all sectors, are dealing
with stressful challenges which are far from business as usual.

For the facility teams managing sites housing critical operations, keeping everything
is even more crucial for both the safety of occupants and the communities they support.

For many other buildings, operators need to adapt, continuing to run operationsreliably
and comfortably for a reduced staff of essential onsite workers.

And all of this must be done with a focus on the operating budget!


WMMC Consultancy is member of IFMA
The International Facility Management Association

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