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WMMC's mission is to support creating a sustainable greener world for the next generations. We know this can only be achieved by accelerating the energy transition to Carbon Neutral.


Reducing the carbon emission is a global challenge, WMMC believes we can

contribute to reducing carbon footprint with developing renewable energy projects,

finding funds through private investors, angel investors, Venture Capitalist

and others, just to implement renewable energy solutions and this way

creating a better future for our next generations.


We target areas where there is an urgent need for electricity, for example

to develop agricultural projects, or to support urban developments and

providing access to internet for educational purposes. 


Our focus is to countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa,

however we are not limiting ourselves to these areas only.

It is very simple, where there is a need, there should be a solution!

Places where there is no (solid) infrastructure, however, natural resources
there are many that can be u
sed to supply energy to residential areas,
commercial and industrial developments have our attention to. 

Our focus is primarily towards Solar Energy, but also Wind- and
Hydro Energy solutions can be offered. ​

The areas of interest for our clients to meet are:j
- lowering the cost of energy
- lowering the carbon emmision
- minimizing the renewable energy gap

With our business partners in the renewable energy industry, we develop new technologies and innovative solutions to create an optimal use of locally available renewable energy. 


WMMC is continously looking for serious investors to implement

(pilot) renewable energy projects in different sectors including agriculture sectors.

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