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WMMC truly believes in a better world that starts with ourselves. It is therefore that we want to give back to them who have helped us to become better as person and as business. 


WMMC has the principle of reserving 10% of our profits to support development projects in the countries of the workdforce's origin.

This can be a school in Nepal or a hospital in Bangladesh, but also kindergardens in Indonesia or playyards in Sri Lanka.

We also look into situations where people are short of food and other kinds of immediate needs, a;so in other parts of the world. 


WMMC will always get in touch with the local community and together we build a solid plan to ensure any funds are well spend, in the interest of the community. 


Do you have any projects where you want to help our 'giving-back' initiative than please contact us. 

Also for donations and other ways of support you can always reach out to us. 

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