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WMMC Consultancy LLC & YOU.FO International

YOU.FO is a great sport to practice and contribute to people’s health during the challenging times we live in.

Whilst practicing YOU.FO, the sport helps increasing mental acuity and relieves from mental stress, it’s a full body strengthening workout and it increases social interaction on a safe distance.

YOU.FO (training) programs have proofed to improve cardiovascular health and has a positive effect on players’ mental condition and helps releasing from stress and associates symptoms
"In first instance our focus will be to introduce YOU.FO within the Qatar Education sector.
Especially now we have learned from the negative influences of Covid-19 to students worldwide, who are
'forced' to follow ‘on-line’ education and the impact from the mandatory social disconnecting and isolation
has on the mental condition and mind-set of students, but also on their families.

"We are confident that YOU.FO will contribute to reduce this mental distress as
YOU.FO is fun to play and easy to master"; Robert Cats, YOU.FO/Qatar

Do you like to know more and/or do you wish to become part of the community?
Send an email to us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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